Videobolt Your Company

MEC VideoBolt

Create a video to tell the world about your company, product or service.

Introduce your company using our custom video service in a one minute video that uses a professional on-camera spokesperson in a business-like setting with custom graphics, announcer voice-overs, and “b-roll” (which is video and/or images of the company or product).

Picture this, you sign up for your account and you choose your voice-over, your actor, clothing style, background scene or graphic, can upload your own b-roll (or we can do this for you if your project is on local). Once your selection is complete, you’ll have a professional 60-second video delivered to your inbox within a few business days.  Of course, we can also write the script or create a logo animation to enhance your package.

Every business has a website. A Custom Company video can supercharge your website by helping to communicate effectively with your audience. Use the video everywhere: website, social media pages, YouTube, email marketing, and landing pages.

Cost Effective.  Simple.  Fast.  View a sample video and our Q&A by clicking on the “Details” button below.