5 Top Reasons To Update Your Website

Do you take care of your car and get a tune up every 10,000 miles?

If you have a furnace, do you have it serviced every fall to insure you have heat without an issue when it gets cold?

Do you go to the doctor at least once a year for a check up?

If you have a smart phone, have you noticed it gets “bitchy” if you do not update it?

Do you have cable or satellite TV that automatically updates itself?

How about your computer system?  

If you are a business owner, your must, must, must include your website in a maintenance plan.  

“Websites are your virtual core representative and should make money while you sleep. No employee can do that.”

Arlene M. O'Reilly

Your business is important to you, and you would like it to be a value to your customers too.  Here are 5 top reasons to have a website technical maintenance plan

  1.  Software Updates and Programing  Custom build websites have 3rd party software integrated using applications.  When these applications are updated by the developers they can become dysfunctional or incompatible with you website if its not technical updated. As we all know, technology is not perfect and we also have to look the other way.  Meaning, when you perform a technical update on a website, be aware that applications that are implemented within the site can likewise become dysfunctional or incompatible if the applications has not been updated.  Do not think that you only have to push a button and it will all work, that is not the case.
  2. Content If you don’t update content on your website, eventually it will decline in the search engine rankings. Search engines regard websites with recent, new content as the key to web users. Your content might be stellar, but if it’s the same content as it was 3 years ago, then search engines crawlers could pass over it searching for newer key content that your competitors are using.
  3. Security Websites and social media feeds getting hacked are becoming more and more frequent. Security flaws can rear their ugly heads on any website, new or old, but the likelihood of security flaws affecting an older website is much greater as it relies on older less secure coding and technology.  There are new fines for data protection.  That includes all websites that collect data.
  4. Load Times Often, when a tech is performing a technical update on a website, he / she needs to check the speed of the site.  First to make sure it did not slow down and if its performance is lacking, they need to customize programing.  When all programing is good, often the site speed will increase matching the newer technical features becoming available.
  5. User Experience If you site is not designed to meet the expectations of new customers, then you will loose them.  Simply put, todays digital culture has high exceptions and will loose respect for your brand if you look like broadway with ads flying in all over the place, or look like your cousin or nephew designed it 5 years ago.  Including new design features as well as unique content is required along with knowing what the industry standard practice is.  

If you are a small business or DBA, and have a small budget, I recommend using template style website services like Squarespace or Wix.  Both are fairly reasonable in price and provide basic web services.  The downside is support is  not immediate, when they go down you just have to sit tight and trust they will come back online, and you are restricted to add-on aspects.

For competitive businesses that need to get a human on the phone when you have an issues or question, let’s talk.

Our tech partner company Rogue Wave Strategies offers Hosting and Website Technical Service Plans.  Prices vary for non-profits and e-commerce sites, and the volume of the site.

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