Website Development

Every new website Mind’s Eye Communications creates must be adaptive to smartphones and a stream of electronic devices. As of 2018, the global average for web search and viewing was above 55%. Optimize your website for mobile viewing!

Here is a sample of some of our favorite sites we produced:

Hy-line Cruises
Nantucket Music Center
Women Thrive Alliance
Brotherhood of Thieves
Nantucket Housefitters
Nantucket Energy
Nantucket Sleighride
Nantucket Style Living

Our Approach

When a business needs a new website, it means the business is ready for a change. With the intentions of change, many questions come up during Mind’s Eye Communications initial overview that relates to overall communication improvements between our client and the client’s customers. This moment is a great opportunity to improve overall user experience, increase quality traffic (not just quantity), establish brand awareness, and set goals of increasing points of conversions by +30%.

Our goal is for your business to make money while you sleep! Once your website is live, we offer various package levels to market your business and/or manage your website’s content and technical updates. Call us at (508) 325-7163 to set up a consultation today!