A Mobile Project

Every new website we create must be adaptive to smart phones and a stream of electronic devices.  Optimize your website & email for mobile!  Here are some stats to consider: 54% of iOS web traffic is devoted to search.   1% of emails are first opened on mobile devices, then on desktop PCs later. 60% of consumers do product or service research “several times a month” using mulitple devices.

Here are some of our sites—ranging from e-commerce to non-profits:

Our Approach

When a business needs a new website, we also know that this business is ready for a change.  With the intentions of change, many questions come up during our initial overview that relates to overall communication improvements between our client and its customers. This is a great opportunity for our clients to increase quality traffic and not just quantity, establish or position itself with better brand awareness, and have a substantial ROI.

Great content has excellent design backed by the science of analytics. Sure, we can get you looking sharp too and build a site for better performance.  Our goal is for your business to make money while you sleep!  Prices for websites vary between $1500-$15,000.  Interested in a free assessment for a make-over or need a brand new site?  Let us know.

Our Newest Speciality Website

Hy-Line’s newly established wifi on their ships required a special landing page.  We designed a satellite site to serve the customers’ and our clients’ needs.  View this while logging online when onboard the Hy-Line fleet.

User Interface Design

Design covers not only the visual aspect, but also its functionality. Interfacing with social media, lead nurturing, and advertising opportunities for local businesses to get in front of millions of travelers — and including multimedia campaigns to communicate our clients’ messages. All user interface design!

User Experience Design

Much of our focus goes into the programming and layout to insure fast response time and successful delivery of information to the viewers.  This includes extension of different and useful information into an APP. You can download the Hy-Line APP directly from this site.

Responsive Web Design

Last but certainly not least, all of our web designs now include responsive design — the website recognizes the device that is being used to view the site.  Hence, the site adapts accordingly to an iPhone or Android or iPad devices.

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