A brand promise is not a slogan or a headline, it's the vision of the company leaders combined with the backbone of a well trained and empowered staff.

The Client:
Dreamland Foundation

The Challenge:
The Dreamland Foundation team asked Mind’s Eye Communications (MEC) to create a capital campaign to resonate with both year-round residents, second homeowners, and summer travelers. The goal: raise $32 million in two years to renovate the Nantucket Dreamland Theater.

Our Solution:
MEC created a campaign using one word—Power. This word would start the thought of what it takes to appear on the big screen/stage. Following the campaign, we were asked to create an appeal that included buying a seat plaque. MEC partnered with a local children’s book author and had her give us a basic sketch a local animated character named Barnaby Bear. MEC illustrated Barnaby sitting in his seat, urging the viewer to” take a seat”.

The Results:
The Dreamland Foundation met is goals, and The Nantucket Dreamland Theater opened its doors in 2011, taking its powerful seat as a leading cultural organization and hub for the arts in downtown Nantucket.

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Awards & Mentions
  • Best Community Campaign
  • Best Promo