Flora Crocket

This documentary was created to introduce a visionary trailblazer artist at the early part of the 20th century. It premiered in the Nantucket Short Film Festival and was credited “top ten emerging artist of 2015” — New York Times

Money Well Spent

This is an awareness campaign Money Well Spent.  The goal is to fund clean water wells in remote parts of Africa. Client Hydrex Philanthropic.

Restoration of a Church, circa 1809

This documentary premiered at the opening reception celebration of the restoration project of the Unitarian Church on Nantucket.  Client: South Church Preservation Fund.

Paws with a Cause

This story premiered at NSHA’s gala in 2014.  The goal was to tell the story of the grass roots organization’s achievements,  introducing the key players behind the vision, and identifying future goals.

Artist, Judith Brust

This interview story brings viewers to a personal understanding of how this artist thinks and processes her work.