A brand promise is not a slogan or a headline, it's the vision of the company leaders combined with the backbone of a well trained and empowered staff.

Nantucket Bank requested Mind’s Eye Communications (MEC) to create a new public relations campaign that supported their new slogan “We’re here for you!”


MEC developed a series of ads, brand products. multimedia and website recommendations.   The campaign we developed showed various levels of bank staff from upper management to support, out from “behind the desk” in active leadership roles involved within with the community.  Showing how they are “here for you”, the branding campaign’s message was consistently repeated in product development and multimedia.

Nantucket Bank cemented the market share and was the number one financial institution on Nantucket Island between 1999-2008.

  • Ad Design
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Product Development
  • Strategy