A brand promise is not a slogan or a headline, it's the vision of the company leaders combined with the backbone of a well trained and empowered staff.

The Client:
Bank of Martha’s Vineyard, a division of Sovereign Bank 

The Challenge:
Sovereign Bank asked Mind’s Eye Communications (MEC) to assist with a branding issue. After opening branches on Martha’s Vineyard, Sovereign Bank placed their brand over the previous bank name in signage, advertising, etc. As a result, Sovereign began losing customers and staff at a rapid rate.

Our Solution:
MEC recommended they establish the name “Bank of Martha’s Vineyard” and we quickly purchased the URL: bankofmv.com. MEC further proposed that the Sovereign not use their standard advertising used for global campaigns, but rather that MEC would produce print and digital campaigns created locally, promoting locally, for the local audience. MEC collaborated with branch staff, writers, and photographers on Martha’s Vineyard.

The Results:
The brand strategy not only stabilized the bank take over but also established a strong new brand.  Sovereign Bank was bought out by Santander in 2010. The name Bank of Martha’s Vineyard remains intact today and remains one of the leading banks on Martha’s Vineyard.

  • Ad Design
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Product Development
  • Brand Strategy
Awards & Mentions
  • Best Community Campaign
  • Best Promo


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