Print Advertising and Promotions

Print advertising and promotions is where we started about 25 years ago.  We never came across a surface we backed down from.  Today, the design concepts are as good as our clients’ vision—and we can apply these designs from printing on any surface to digital marketing that yields far greater insight to your return on investment.  Below is collection of some of the work we have done over the years.  Click on the images to enlarge them for better viewing.

Our Approach

We listen, then ask questions, listen much deeper, do some research and then return to our clients with a proposal in the form of an analysis when we first begin working with them.  From that point, regular meetings are established to gain a reading on trends, our clients’ customers’ feedback, competition, new goals, achievements, and most importantly — communication problems.  Every campaign we produce has reason behind it, usually tied in to analytical aspects, always with great design.

Theatre Workshop Nantucket

Print Advertising Campaign, 2012-2014.  Design and copy by Arlene O’Reilly, Photography by Laurie Richards. The concept was to highlight all the variety of emotions that live theater can deliver to the audience. Click image to view larger size.

Nantucket Chamber of Commerce

Advertising Campaign Promoting Nantucket 2002-2005 .  Concept design and copy by Arlene O’Reilly.  Photography by Cary Hazelgrove and Dan Driscol.  The concept is “Closer than you think” to counter the misconception that Nantucket’s location of over 30 miles off the coast makes it hard to travel to.  The name Nantucket is a Native American term that means “far away island”.  Thanks to today’s travel industry, getting to Nantucket is relatively easy for New Englanders and New Yorkera alike. The proposed plan was print ads, highway banner ads, updating a VHS tape to a DVD travel promotion and updating the walking tours to a user-friendly self-guided tour.  Click image to view larger size.

Dreamland Foundation Capital Campaign

Print Advertising and Promotions Campaign, 2009-2011.  Design and illustrations by Arlene O’Reilly. This capital campaign ran over two years to raise funds for the renovation of the historic Dreamland Theater.  The initial ad campaign, “Power of…” was to bring awareness of the fundraising efforts and the importance of having a theater stage and how it supports a community.

The second campaign “Take Your Seat,” developed a local celebrity Barnaby Bear, who is a character created by  author Wendy W. Rouillard.   Wendy gave us permission to work from her original black and white sketch and we created the bear in a theater environment.

Nantucket Energy

Advertising Campaign for Print and Social Media, 2009-2014  Print ads promoting services as well as the company brand.  These ads were also inter displayed with social media contests and radio spots.  And, yes, we helped design the trucks.

Bank of Martha’s Vineyard

Print Advertising and Promotions Campaign, 2005-2009.  Design and concept by Arlene O’Reilly, photography by Betsy Corsiglia.  Ad series was developed for print magazines and newsprint.  Additional branding material: binders, money envelopes, and debit cards.

Nantucket Bank

Advertising Campaigns and Promotional Material, 1997-2009.  Of course we created bank service ads, but we also came to be one of the first agencies in the mid-nineties that took banking out from behind the desk and showed who they really were in the community through our “We’re here for you” series.  Concept and design by Arlene O’Reilly, photography Jeff Allen. We also photographed many employees (Arlene O’Reilly and Glen Weimer) to be slow-witted and composed in varying compositions to promote services and departments.

In addition, we created many branding products from Debit cards, three ring binders, note cards, shopping bags, newsletters and bank give-a-ways and awards.

Hy-Line Cruises

Print Advertising and Digital Marketing, 2010-2014.  Design, concepts, photography and strategy all marketing for both Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.  Services range from highway and stadium signage, print ads, high traffic log in pages, social media campaigns, radio and TV spots.  Campaigns vary and focus on services or destination.  Our most recent campaign is “Nantucket & Martha’s Vineyard, like Chocolate and Vanilla—it’s all good.”

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