What is the difference between a brand and a logo?

A logo is a unique icon that is a visual mark for a company name.

A brand is an impression the company leaves in the consumer’s mind.  

Mind’s Eye Communications, Inc. has been providing marketing and branding services for over twenty years.  Services range from business development, branding, marketing, design, publishing in both print/digital and creating campaigns in various mediums. Advertising and Production services include all forms of advertising in multi media, TV production, Radio production, print campaigns, and highway displays. – See more at: http://www.digitalfootprint02554.com/advertising-production/#sthash.cvCkioap.dpuf

Branding is a Process — Slow, Steady and Deliberate.

These days during conference calls, the term “brand” is tossed around carelessly usually referring to the company logo. A company brand is so much more than a graphic. When someone says “brand design” in the right context, they are not talking about drafting an icon in Adobe Illustrator. The art of brand design is taking a simple and elegant mark, pairing it to remarkable experiences followed up by the art storytelling.

At Mind’s Eye Communications (MEC), we present our clients with plans of engagement for their brand design. Usually, including multiple aspects after considering our client’s target audience, the problems they face in communications, the surrounding conditions that impact both the client and customers, the ideas—solutions to solve these problems, and finally how to carry out the campaigns.

And, where does business development play into this you may ask? Technology solutions are always part of MEC’s plan. Technology is like shifting sand—always changing. Guess what else is always changing? People. How you collect information is completely different than how our previous and next generations obtain news and facts. Taking that a step further, they have oodles of choices. How do you know you are reaching your audience? We combine technology, cultural understanding, a dash of psychology, and research to give our clients the best recommendations possible in today’s industry standards.  Here is what our chats could look like:

Your database is not clean,
Your company website performance is below grade,
Your analytics took a dive because you were hacked,
Your social media channels are stagnant,
Your staff turnover is due to lack of support with high-call volume,
Your sales are down because your customers’ attention is elsewhere,
Your customers are upset because your staff has no guidance policy on customer engagement,
Your business name has no loyal following or verification online, therefore lacking credentials, and
You can’t guess what your customers are thinking, you must ask them.

This is our process for a brand and business analysis—it’s just the tip of the iceberg of working budget investment and long-term business relations. We work with small- to medium-size businesses and non-profit organizations. We will make you look good and feel great with proven results for growth. Our clients’ success, is our success.  

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