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"... you have 1 second to arrest someone’s attention and 3 seconds to pique their interest."

A. M. O'Reilly

The best creative campaign is worthless if it’s not strategic. It’s the same as a handsome face with no brains.

In the global digital culture of today, you have 1 second to arrest someone’s attention and 3 seconds to pique their interest.   Competing brands require a strategy plan that defines who to target, where to focus, when to act, what to offer, and how to say it. 

From analysis, to journey mapping, to UX / UI + content strategy, the work of our team with your vision shapes our creative, campaigns, and results.

Strategy Case Studies

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    Interactive Hotpots

    Interactive Video

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    Stories that engage.

    Below is an example of an interactive video. The small red dots in the timeline are subchapters that you can hover over and pull up a deeper dive subject that may be of interest to you. Within these subchapters, are explainers. This puts your audience in control with a simple interface that lets them guide interviews and navigate like never before.

    Political campaigns, training videos, documentaries, and capital campaigns can be presented in very elegant and intelligent ways using interactive video.

    Video is the most popular and effective form of media for online training. However, there are two major challenges when it comes to creating training videos:

    1. Each viewer has a different previous level of knowledge
    2. Explaining all of the details your employees need to know often makes videos way too long.

    We can provide a great way to package all of the information that you need into a video that is short enough to hold your viewers’ attention, while still making an impact and have an insight to the viewers’ understanding of what they are watching.

    Now consider this, take this same formula and overlay it onto a capital or political campaign. If one has the right team developing and managing this type of campaign, you’re ahead of the competition in multiple ways:  

    1. The communications are customized to varying levels of understanding,
    2. Engagement will hold the viewers’ attention versus a one-way conversation,
    3. The impression left with the viewer will be remarkable, nurturing brand loyalty; and
    4. Analytics will provide key insights on how to straighten communications like A-B testing and filter realistic leads.
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