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Tihomir joined our team in 2003 as a website developer. Tihomir specializes in custom web programing, technical SEO, analytics/data analysis, custom software programing, games & Apps development. He is our technology consultant, analyst and a co-founder in our sister company called Rogue Wave Strategies . Thanks to Tihomir’s expertise and leadership, we are offering new services such as: cyber security resources, artificial intelligence/automation programing, and product development.

On a personal note

Tihomir is happily married with 2 children, living on Nantucket year-round.  He is always interested in new technologies and fascinated by politics.  He balances his technical days with creative collaborations with a focus on humor, intelligence and a dash of global responsibility.  His interests are music, lectures, nature walks, travel, history and loves to have good dinning experience with family and friends.



Tihomir Ivanov