Award-winning graphic artist, storyteller, and publisher with 20 + years of experience in delivering quality content marketing, strategic campaigns, community relations, and publishing services to clients spanning travel & tourism, journalism, arts & education, social awareness, environmental, and service industries.

Expertise as a successful business owner, directing and implementing broad range of revenue-generating campaigns from conception through launch for several New England clients. Arlene has a solid reputation for leading cross-functional teams remotely and on site. She has consistently hit and exceed milestones, deadlines, and budget requirements.

Arlene is fluent in all Adobe softwares, she works efficiently between print, digital, and broadcast. Campaign tools of choice are multimedia, social media, Google Adwords + social PPC and traditional print advertising, backed by a professional website.

A personal note

Arlene’s career began in the digital arts as a video production intern with Data Motion Arts in her home-town of New York City. Today, she specializes in brand development and marketing strategies utilizing design and technology. She founded Mind’s Eye Productions in 1993, and obtained her M.A. in Communication Design in 2005. 

Arlene is recently married, and lives year-round on Nantucket.  Occasionally, she retreats to her family home in the Catskills, NY where she enjoys mountain life and practices her first passions – illustration and photography.  Her professional interests are advancing in interactive film and video, as well as animation and special effects.  In her downtime, she enjoys walking on the beach with her dogs,  learning history and culture, practicing martial arts, archery, and  fireside chats with family and friends.


Arlene M. O'Reilly