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We stay current with digital trends to determine new marketing tools so that we can provide our clients with the best possible marketing management services. The process starts with implementing content SEO, social media management of organic posts and stories, and email marketing outreach with a clean database-your nest egg. To grow your quality traffic, increase followers, subscribers and increase your point of conversion—  MEC offers digital ad paid services such as display ads, geo-fencing, Google Ad Words, YouTube, and Comcast digital on-demand.

Advertising & Design

We deliver advertising campaigns inspired by our client’s vision. We excel in creating cross-platform campaigns in print and digital. Campaigns start with a product or brand analysis to develop a proposed message(s) and the means by which to execute the approved concept.  Once approved, we move into production: filming/shooting, design, and copywriting. Additionally, we create product promotions and brand assets ranging from seed packets, stationery, hats, jackets, journals, gift bags—the sky is the limit, as long as it’s a sustainable material.


We produce quality commercials for broadcast TV, infomercials, social media reels, and digital ads for YouTube, IGTV, digital displays, and websites.  We deliver the power of storytelling combined with engagement strategies that can include interactive video and virtual reality.  Out projects and campaigns offer insightful analytics and offer media ad buy services.

Interactive video and virtual reality services are coming online in 2022! Sign up for our quarterly newsletter for updates.

Website Design & Development

Now more than ever, your website is your core brand asset. It represents your company 24/7/365. It is often the first impression to a potential customer/supporter. At MEC, we have 15-years+ of dedicated professionals specializing in UX design, technical and content SEO. We have produced quality websites for clients spanning the Cape and Islands and beyond. Whether your existing website needs to be redesigned or you need a new site, we can deliver an intelligent, modern, and functional website based on your needs and budget.

Publishing Design

Our print division has published award-winning books, guides, magazines, and annual reports for over 25 years. We offer a complete package in design, layout, copy-editing, and prepress management. Publishing services include print, digital, and audiobooks. Digital publishing includes interactive features for flipbooks that showcase video, audio, website links, email links, and pop-ups used for definitions and resource facts.

We are publishing developers with Amazon, Google, and iTunes.  Our print partners are eco-friendly and we offer a selection of recycled papers with soy ink printing.



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As a full-service, woman-owned Nantucket-based advertising agency with 30 years of experience, we know that marketing trends shift as quickly as the sands in the ocean: algorithms change, technologies evolve, styles fade, and brands can get lost and fall flat. 
Our team helps companies of all sizes adapt to today’s media communication needs and establish (or improve) their brand reputation.
Our mission is to understand your vision and challenges, to be your partner in elevating your brand image and surpassing your goals.
There is no black and white solution in business strategies. Let’s connect!
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